Designs bridges the gap between ideas to reality, and how you design is how it is going to work.
Our experience in designing and manufacturing of more than 600+ molds & tools for different industries
helps to create perfect tool or mold designs.

Our associated design teams from India, can handle all type of injection molds, press tools, blow molds,
die casting dies or rubber molds jigs of fixtures.

Hot runner or cold runner, single cavity or multiple cavities, with lifters or side cores, internal or external
threaded, two plate or three plate molds, pin ejected or stripper ejected, DME or HASCO mold base
standards, insert molds or vertical molds, Class A or Class B molds, with Hydraulic or pneumatic pistons,
with motors or rack & pinion for threads, automotive or medical components, electrical or electronical,
engineered or house hold components, compression or transfer molds, Plastic or Rubber.

When it comes to press tools our experience covers single stroke, progressive, deep drawing, forming,
bending or fine blanking tools.

Die casting dies for Aluminum or Zamak, Pressure die casting or metal injection, Sand casting or
Investment casting, whatever is your requirement; we can design those molds & tools needed.
Send us your 3d /2d part designs, today to and get the right tool & mold designs.

Small/ supporting tool rooms can focus your efforts on manufacturing the cores and cavities and other
mold components. We even offer the services of CNC programming to run your CNC machines.

Our mold design stages
  • Reception of PO, 2d/3d designs or drawings, Material and Molding machine specification.
  • DMR (Design Manufacturability Review) with customer
  • Preliminary Mold Design Review with customer
  • Final Mold Design Review & Approval
  • Provide Mold design 3d & 2d with BOM
  • Support during the mold fabrication stage
  • Update mold designs as mold is built in case needed.

We can cover a wide variety of designing soft wares with our design teams in India.
Solid works, NX, Creo, Auto cad and Master Cam

If your company has requirements to place tooling designers at your facilities, we have options for you.
For further information please contact us
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Tool & Mold Designing Services